I am very pleased to present Tomorrow: SUNY Oswego’s strategic plan. Consonant with the bold vision of the Power of SUNY initiative, the plan lays out a compelling path for our college to build on our success and to serve and thrive long into the future. This plan introduces you to the Performance Drivers, Key Indicators and Impacts that will drive our institution forward and further demonstrate our relevance and value for our students and our world. I invite you to visit this site often to remain engaged with us and this plan as we track and update our continuing progress and tell the story of our college’s impact.

SUNY Oswego has never been as strong as it is today. We foster intentional learning and ethical development that prepare our students and graduates to contribute intellectual capital, skills and understanding to the world in their personal, professional and civic lives. Our faculty, staff and students collaborate with each other and external partners to explore the frontiers of knowledge, producing new insights and productive applications. In partnership with communities near and far, we participate in concerted initiatives for sustainability, humanitarian service, and positive economic and social change. We build institutional strength through our commitment to access and growing diversity, our intellectual curiosity and technological adaptability, our stewardship of abundant and stable resources and our well-conceived and maintained academic facilities and residential community along the inspiring shore of Lake Ontario.

At Oswego, we have a firm grasp of our purpose and promise and have demonstrated great resilience and optimism. We have doubled down during hard times, scrupulously building responsive new programs, creatively finding new and replacement revenues and nimbly responding to intellectual and social shifts and public mandates. Our record shows that SUNY Oswego is still a rising star, whose radiance guides those seeking a clear direction and heralds an even brighter tomorrow. 

Deborah F. Stanley
SUNY Oswego

The legacy of Edward Austin Sheldon

Dr. Sheldon founded this institution more than 153 years ago. His legacy still underpins our identity and invigorates what we do. He built a powerful public asset to meet the broad needs of rising populations. He was one of the original adopters of object learning, a precursor to today's inquiry-based learning, as a compelling pedagogy.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, the first two of our three previous strategic plans, Engaging Learning and Engagement 2000, shifted the paradigm of our institution away from one tied to measures of teaching inputs to a new pervasive theme of learning-centeredness. We have accomplished a near complete overhaul of almost every facet of our work. Learning-centeredness has become our organizing principle for decisions about responsibilities, activities, resources, and academic and physical environments. Then, our third plan, Engaging Challenge: The Sesquicentennial Plan, further expanded the reach of our work. We designed the plan to build on our expertise in learning-centeredness and inquiry-based learning by directing our efforts into the widening missions of public higher education in the 21st century—including discovery, outreach, economic development, and global and environmental realms.

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